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Free MP3 Joiner 8.8

Merge and/or convert MP3 files into some of the most popular formats

More than just a merging tool to join your audio files into a larger one, Free MP3 Joiner is a flexible app that can either convert your MP3 tracks into WAV, Ogg, or WMA files or perform both tasks simultaneously. Thus, with this tool, you can merge any number of MP3 files into a bigger one and convert it into any of the other audio formats supported in one single operation.

Together with its high level of flexibility, ease of use is probably the other main asset of Free MP3 Joiner. All you’re required to do is select at least two source MP3 files and decide if you want to merge them, convert them, or both. The conversion function won’t merge the files on the list, acting just as any other audio converter. The merge function, however, will also act as a conversion tool as soon as you select an output format other than MP3. Regrettably, the program’s list of supported formats for the output is limited to WAV, Ogg, and WMA. Each of these codecs comes with its own settings, which will allow you to customize the output quality. You can select a preset quality or configure your own settings. An easy-to-use slider will let you choose the desired preset in a snap, in a range between Low Quality/Small Size and High Quality/Large Size. The other possibility is to tell the program which codec, sample rate, and how many channels you want it to use when merging and/or converting your files.

Free MP3 Joiner performs as expected, on both the merging and the conversion sides. There is no room for technicalities or sophisticated settings – the program’s high level of simplicity will be seen as a blessing for those looking for quick and straightforward bulk conversion and merging tasks, and as a curse for those who look for a deeper level of customization. I miss a simple audio player to help users check that the tracks they’ve selected are the correct ones, though, or the cutting possibilities that many other audio joiners offer. Either way, this is a 100% free utility that always produces the expected results. It may not come with all the bells and whistles of other professional audio converters, but nobody said this was a high-end sophisticated app for professional use, just a simple utility to put your MP3 files together in the simplest and most straightforward way.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Specific settings for each output format
  • Merges and re-encodes in one single operation
  • Standalone audio conversion capabilities


  • No audio player
  • Limited number of output formats
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